Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pick Your Own Code Name!

Dear and Gentle Readers,

Madame L has just read that the Secret Service's "secret" code name for Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan is "Bowhunter."

Oh, you thought these "secret" code names" were actually secret? Well, they haven't been secret for some time now. And apparently Paul Ryan chose his own code name, in honor of the fact that he likes to kill animals with a bow and arrow. This must be some sign of extreme machismo, the point of which eludes Madame L, but, truth to tell, Madame L doesn't mind being left out of this fun.

The other code names are "Renegade" for Pres. Obama, "Celtic" for Joe Biden, and "Javelin" for Mitt Romney.

What if Obama or Romney had chosen a female vice-presidential running mate? What kind of code names would the Secret Service come up with for women, or, if it's true the candidates get to choose their own names, what would the women have come up with?

Madame L doesn't know, but she wonders what code names you, Dear and Gentle Readers, would come up with for yourselves.

Please let Madame L know by commenting on this page or sending an email to Madame L at [ellemadame{at}]. 

Meanwhile, Madame L hasn't quite decided on her Secret Service code name. 

She's thinking of "Warriorette" because the trend in Secret Service code names seems this election seems to be that they have to qualify you for some violent televised fight show. But that "ette" seems to imply smallness and/or cuteness, neither of which Madame L identifies with herself and both of which would disqualify her for the fight arena.

"Big Mama" doesn't have the right ring, and neither does "Lead-foot." Maybe "Luminator," another one of Madame L's old nicknames.

What about you, Dear Readers?

Not Really Sincerely,

Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

Well, for Madame Elle - based on personal experience - I would suggest "Fearless", or "Leadfoot." If anyone threatens her kids or husband, then perhaps "Dobie-o-Matic" would fit best (apologies to Gary Larson).

For an un-named previous female VP candidate (your readers would have to choose between two possibilities that I might be referring to here): TWITLESS.