Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Sunday Book Review, September 9, 2012: Who Ate Lunch with Abraham

The subtitle is "The appearances of God in the form of a Man in the Hebrew Scriptures," and the author is Asher Intrater.   

On the back cover we read, "There is a figure who appears throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. He is sometimes referred to as the Angel of the Lord, sometimes as God Himself, and sometimes as the 'Son of Man.' The appearance of this figure demands a re-evaluation of classic Judeo-Christian world views."  

Madame L loves that Mr. Intrater's purposes in this book and his organization are to (1) deepen the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, (2) describe who Yeshua is from the Hebrew Scriptures, and (3) demonstrate the consistentcy of the Bible from beginning to end.

Madame L has just started reading this book, whose author is the director of "Revive Israel," an organization which describes itself as "an apostolic ministry team dedicated to revival in Israel" and which posts on its home page the following mission statement: 


So,  Madame L is reading the book with great interest. Madame L wonders if the author and others in his movement would like to know about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which also recognizes that Jesus appeared in ancient times to prophets...

At any rate, Madame L certainly understands why Mr. Intrater's teachings are so controversial among Jews and so-called mainstream Christians alike: He doesn't buy into the idea that God has never been seen and can't be seen by humans, he does accept that Jesus is the God of the Old Testament, and he does accept that Jesus, the Messiah, will come again in glory to His People.

Madame L will report more on this book when she has finished reading it. Meanwhile, she would like to hear from any of her readers who are familiar with the book, the author, other authors like him, and other members of his movement.

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AskTheGeologist said...

Cool. I look forward to your report at the end of the book.