Thursday, September 6, 2012

Undecided? Try Doc Clinton's Clinic (Night Two of Democratic National Convention)

Dear Readers,

Only two more months until Election Day 2012!

Madame L wasn't able to watch the second day of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday evening, but she recorded it and watched it today.

And, wow, was she impressed! Here are Madame L's favorite speeches:

First, Sandra Fluke, who had the audacity to stand up for a woman's right to have power over her own body and was vilified by conservative talk-show hosts for weeks afterward, was invited to speak. Here she is:

Elizabeth Warren, who is running against Scott Brown for the Senate in Massachusetts, and who got started in politics when she advocated for consumers, made economic policy interesting and understandable, and gave a great rousing speech:

More people watched Pres. Clinton's speech than watched the NFL season openers. And no surprise. Commentators said afterwards he gave a "clinic" on how to respond to Republican attacks on Pres. Obama's first four years. Here's the speech:

Madame L heard after the speech that Bill Clinton improvised and ad-libbed about half that speech, and what a great job he did (in marked contrast to the lame and pitiful efforts made last week by Clint Eastwood to talk to an empty chair)!

Madame L also heard a commentator say the Democratic strategists should give snippets of that speech to the people who will be going out all over the country to speak in Pres. Obama's behalf in coming weeks, so they will know how to answer Republican claims and insults to the president. Bill Clinton really did cover every single point brought up by the disloyal opposition, and gave a speech that would have made any policy wonk proud, while making ordinary people like Madame L understand the details behind the overall picture.

Two months from today, Nov. 6, will be the election, and YOU, Dear Readers, will get to decide who will be the next President of the United States: The man who has decisively dealt with a disastrous economy caused by the Republicans for the 8 years after Clinton stepped down, brought back millions of jobs, rescued the auto industry, actually done something to fight worldwide terrorism and its leaders, and signed a law providing health care to millions of Americans who would otherwise be without it...or the man who said "Let Detroit go bankrupt," who caused job losses for thousands of Americans by deliberately causing bankruptcies for their employees while reaping millions of dollars in profits from those bankruptcies, who still hasn't made up his mind about women's health rights and refused to stand up for Sandra Fluke when she was vilified by the vilest of villains, and who has threatened to destroy health care reform. 

Undecided still? Listen to Pres. Bill Clinton give the stark facts, and make up your mind to vote for Pres. Barack Obama on Nov. 6, 2012.


Madame L

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