Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speaking of Haters...

Dear Madame L,

I heard that people are hating on Jenny McCarthy for her anti-vaccination views. Since you've written about this, what do you think about it?


Not a Hypocrite

Dear Kind Person,

Madame L is glad you're not a hypocrite. Madame L hopes you aren't thinking she is a hypocrite just because she has written posts arguing against the anti-vax crowd.

Madame L wrote a long reply some time ago to a Dear Reader who wondered about the vaccine schedule recommended by her doctor for her infant.

Madame L wrote again to a Dear Reader who had read of injuries to children from early vaccinations and who had been led to believe that gut flora protect children from autism and other harmful conditions and that vaccinations destroy those helpful bacteria.

Madame L also wrote a column addressed to all her Dear Readers about Jenny McCarthy's own hypocrisy in preaching against vaccines, using non-scientific and laughably ridiculous arguments against vaccinating children against childhood diseases that should by now have been eradicated from civilized countries.

Madame L stands by everything she has written on the topic. Yet Madame L would not participate in the hateful screeds written by some people who agree with her and disagree with Ms. McCarthy.

On the other hand, Madame L finds the comments recently posted on Jenny McCarthy's own Twitter account not hateful, but rather truthful and full of humor and refreshingly straight-to-the-point candor.

Ms. McCarthy asked her Twitter followers for their ideas on what to look for in an ideal mate, and many people replied things like, "Someone who respects science..."

Madame L says, "Good for those people! Keep those comments coming! Keep vaccinating your children and advocating for science and care not only for your own children but for all our society, where we are responsible for each other's health!"


Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

Polio persists in just two places on this planet: western Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan.

Common denominator?

The Taliban.