Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't Destroy the American Dream!

Dear Madame L,

After all your preaching about how everyone should support raising the debt ceiling, compromise, and all that, I'll bet you're pretty disappointed at how the vote turned out. It looks like the Republicans got everything they wanted (cuts in social programs) and the Democrats got nothing (no closed loopholes).

What's Next?

Dear Pessimist,

First, Madame hopes you will enjoy this great rap "Raise the Debt Ceiling."

Fun, eh? 

Here's comedian Remy Munasifi talking on CNN about the video:

Second, Madame L is very pleased that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted for the compromise legislation that Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid came up with and House Leader Boehner agreed to.

Madame L understands that compromise often means that neither party is entirely satisfied with the result.

The main goal was to raise the debt ceiling, and that was done, although it was unfortunate that it could be accomplished only with all that sausage-making.

Meanwhile, there is something you can do to ensure that Republicans and Tea Party members all over the country realize that voting members of their districts are not satisfied with their radical stance on taxes and entitlements:

You can go to www.moveon.org to sign up to protest at your local politician's office.

Oh, and you can keep writing and calling your senators and your representative to tell them how you want them to represent you.


Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

I'm torn between wanting to get more involved in the local political action scene - or just hiding in a cave in disgust.

I get my news from The Daily Show these days.

Rachel Rants, Lawrence Lectures, and everyone on Fox deals with a heavily loaded deck.

I read the daily newsletter from Der Spiegel in Germany, and it's interesting how the US Congress looks to Europeans. Wow: a pack of rabid dogs steering a much larger herd of sheep.