Monday, August 1, 2011

Relax Now? Not Yet

Dear Madame L,

I see on the morning news that Pres. Obama and Congressional leaders have reached a compromise that would allow the debt ceiling to be raised and our country to avoid defaulting on its obligations, and possibly even avoid a credit rating downgrade.

I'm exhausted from all the tension leading to this point, and I'd like to stop writing emails to and calling the offices of my elected officials in Washington.


Tired of Politics

Dear Tired,

Madame L feels your pain and thanks you for taking this opportunity to be active in our representative form of government.

However, Madame L must remind you that the deal isn't done yet. Although the leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties have reached an agreement with Pres. Obama, the rank-and-file members from both parties and in both houses must also agree, and the deal must be voted into law.

Please continue to contact your two senators and your representative in Congress to let them know how YOU would like them to vote.

As always, Madame L doesn't care if your opinions are completely different from hers. What Madame L hopes we will all do is let our opinions be known so that our elected representatives will be able to represent us.


Madame L

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