Friday, August 19, 2011

Jobs, Not Cuts?

Dear Madame L,

I'm so confused about the debate going on in Congress right now about taxation, the national debt, and jobs. I think we really need more jobs, like, right now, for people like me, because I myself am currently unemployed. But everyone seems to disagree about the way to create jobs.

What do you say about this argument?

Sincerely, Seriously, Really,

Needs An Answer

Dear Seriously Needs an Answer,

Madame L is also having a hard time making sense of this debate, so she (as always) turned to an expert to explain the issues. Here he is, economics professor and former official in the Ford, Carter, and Clinton administrations, Dr. Robert Reich:

Madame L knows Dr. Reich is a progressive, which she doesn't think is an insult. She hopes you'll enjoy this explanation.


Madame L

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