Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Sunday Book Review, August 28, 2011: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

As some of you Dear Readers may have noticed, Madame L loves children's books. She loves picture books, those little square cardboard indestructible picture books for babies, "Independent Reader" books, chapter books, classics, new titles--- you name it, Madame L loves it.

And Madame L loves plush toys that go with these books. So when she saw a naked mole rat on sale for 75% off its already reduced-to-a-ridiculously-low price, she bought it. 

She felt a little silly, though, thinking, why would anyone make, or anyone even as gullible as Madame L buy, a naked mole rat stuffed plush toy?

But then she found the book that goes with this plush toy: "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed," by Mo Willems. This is such a charming little picture book that Madame L re-read it three more times, loving the text as well as the pictures. 

Wilbur is unusual among the community of naked mole rats for wanting to get dressed. "Don't you get it?" the other naked mole rats ask. "NAKED MOLE RATS DON'T WEAR CLOTHES!"

Wilbur gets the help he needs from Grand-pah, though, who makes a proclamation and compliments Wilbur on his socks.

And Madame L knows exactly who she will be giving the naked mole rat and book to: a very charming little boy who, unlike Wilbur, loves to take his clothes off.

The picture book is available from for $11.55. 

The plush toy that Madame L bought for about $2.50 is available from for about $29.00 (ouch! --- Madame L would NOT have paid that much for it, no matter how cute it is!). 

Ah, and Madame L sees that a completely different book for a completely different age group is also available: "The Naked Mole-Rat Letters," by Mary Amato. This is a very favorably reviewed book for 4th through 7th-graders, and is selling it for $7.95. Madame L will let you know if she enjoys it. 

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