Thursday, August 4, 2011


Dear Madame L,

My two senators and one representative in Congress all voted the way I hoped they would on the bill to raise the debt ceiling.

What's really interesting though is that they all voted the way they did for different reasons. 


What's Up With These People?

Dear 'Sup?

Madame L has had a similar experience. What's important now is to send your members of Congress another letter, email message, or phone call, THANKING them for their work.

Madame L believes in positive reinforcement, especially after all the negative reinforcement she has been applying to these elected officials' hides lately.

Here's an example of what you might want to write:

Dear Sen. (or Rep.) Fill In The Blank,

Thank you for your vote on raising the debt ceiling, and for all your work in D.C. for the people of our great state.

I hope you'll keep insisting that loopholes must be closed and taxes must be raised on those fortunate enough to be wealthy, instead of the rest of us, working and middle-class and poor people, carrying our nation's economy on our backs.

Thanks again,

Your Name Here

Whoops! Madame L used her thank-you message as an opportunity to make another point...And suggests that you do so, too.

Here's where you can find your senators' contact information. (Click on your state's name in the dropdown box in the upper right corner of the page.)


Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

Maybe it's because I'm of the Male Persuasion, but I can't easily read the orange lettering on a pink background.

But I squinted and followed your advice and emailed my congressperson. Rather simple:

"Thanks. You can keep your job another year."