Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unbelievably Ignorant, Or What?

Madame L doesn't want to believe that the Republican spin-masters are so ignorant as to believe Pres. Obama is really saying something "bad" here. But it's that or believe that they're so evil and conniving and basically contemptuous of their followers that they think those people, evidently ignorant beyond belief, would believe it.

Pres. Obama told supporters who were booing when he mentioned some typical Republican scare tactic that instead of booing, they should vote, because "voting is the best revenge."

And the idiot-mongers jumped all over it, pretending it was an offensive thing to say. Romney said in a speech the next day, and this was repeated in ads later: "'Yesterday, the president .. told his supporters, voting for revenge. Vote for revenge? Let me tell you what I'd like to tell you: Vote for love of country!'"

Please, Mr. Romney: Love of country? How much do you love this country and its citizens? Enough to respect the laws and the people's intellectual capacity?

You still haven't shown us your tax records for 11 years, obviously because they show you're better at evading taxes than you want your followers to realize. 

You have changed positions more often than a bum on a cold night in a dark alley. 

You have lied about the auto industry after refusing to support it. 

You have sent jobs to China and reaped millions from the profits after disbanding American businesses and firing American workers. 

You haven't a clue about foreign policy. 

If elected, you would be as much a dupe of Karl Rove and company as Bush the Second was of Dick Cheney. You have a vice-presidential running mate who says he wants to emulate Cheney, and if there is something creepier than that thought...well, actually there is:  

You have continued to support that VP-wannabe and other Republicans who think women are chattel who can't take responsibility for their own health.

Pres. Obama was right: The only way we members of the 47% and the 99% can get "revenge" --- that is, get a government that actually cares about laws, integrity, and people --- is to vote against you and all that you stand for.


Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

I've heard from one reporter that the Romney-Ryan staffers are getting "nostalgic." What does that mean?

I've also heard that Ryan staffers are already planning the 2016 election. What does that mean?

If you're an analytical type like me, you have very little patience for Talking Heads ("Bloviators"). If you are weary of the people talking to their base with no information behind them, then consider visiting an analytical site:
This is run by a brilliant statistician named Nate Silver. He has no particular bias - except a similar impatience for people talking without data to back them up.
Each poll is weighted BY ITS PREVIOUS ACCURACY. Check the result - the "Nov 6 Forecast" plot.

You can place your bets on that - and win.