Thursday, April 7, 2011

Earthquake Comparisons

Dear Readers,

Madame L thinks you may be interested in this comparison of "notable" earthquakes. On this graphic, when you run your cursor over each "notable" earthquake, details about date, Richter scale value, damages, and casualties are revealed. 

Madame L has felt a few earthquakes in her time, and not one of them was NOT "notable" to her. However, she does understand that some more more "notable" than others. 

Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

When I was six, I was thrown out of my bed in Bakersfield, CA, by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake. My Mom said she called for me to come to her and I replied "I can't. The walls keep hitting me."

We all stood in the backyard listening to sirens from 3am onward, and later that day drove around to see the wreck of the town's water-tower.

I've experienced several smaller earthquakes since that time, and can tell you that if you aren't worried about losing your life or your house, it's kinda cool. Sorta like a roller coaster ride. I see the faces of brothers and sisters in Japan's NE coast, however, and the grief and sadness hit me hard.