Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trumped by Trump?

Dear Madame L,

I was amazed that President Obama gave in to Donald Trump's demands to show his "long-form" birth certificate. You know that still doesn't prove that Obama is worthy to be president. Trump has pointed out that Obama still has a lot to prove.

And now I read that the Republicans are blaming Obama for all the publicity, as if HE were the one trying to distract the American people from the important issues facing them.

Why would Obama want to do that?
Un-re-born birther

Dear Birther,

President Obama most definitely would NOT want to bring up all that publicity, so I don't know why he gave in to it. It's like giving in to a bully: instead of making the meanness stop, it encourages the bully to keep doing it.

Madame L believes that Trump and his ilk are appealing to deep-seated racism when they claim Obama is not really quite an American, that he couldn't have gotten good grades in college and law school, didn't deserve to be editor of the Harvard Law Review, etc., etc., etc.

In fact, MSNBC has admitted that Trump's whole supposed bid for the presidency is "a cynical PR stunt" for his next season's show.

Madame L wonders why Obama and the Democratic Party keep giving in to this stuff. Where's their backbone? Maybe their liberal stance makes them not want to engage in the demagoguery and lies of people like Trump, Gingrich, Bachmann, Palin, Taitz, and that whole gang. 

But, Madame L asks, why not stand up for yourselves and the Middle Class? Do you doubt the intentions of the moneyed conservatives to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Pell grants, and other social mechanisms that have enabled the rest of us to live decently? Madame L has no doubt that those wealthiest 1% of Americans (who earn more than everyone in the bottom 50% combined) would love to continue to amass wealth, power, and political influence without a thought for the rest of us.

Madame L must end her reply before she pops a blood vessel. However, she would like to encourage all of you Dear Readers to keep reading the news and questioning the "facts" and your own previous assumptions about politics and politicians.

Also, although Madame L has said this before, she must repeat her plea to all her readers to pray for the future of our country and our people.

Also Praying,

Madame L


AskTheGeologist said...

I note that Ran Paul (R-Ky) has gone to New Hampshire, and there demanded to see "The Long-Form original of Trump's Republican Registration."

AskTheGeologist said...

What happens if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it? Did it fall?

What would happen if the News Media ALL refused to go to any more of Trumps "press conferences," since he only lies or blows off their questions?

Would Trump exist?