Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why does love suck so much?

Dear Madame L,

My mom said I should write to you, because she doesn't know the answer to this question. She says she has loved my dad for like 20 years now and she doesn't think love sucks. I say she just doesn't remember. What do you say?


Crying into my cafeteria lunch

Dear Crying,

Madame L doesn't even know where to start on this one. Like your mom, she has forgotten some of the pains she experienced and has long wiped away the tears she cried over unrequited love. 

So Madame L would like to begin by asking YOU some questions, assuming that you're really hoping for some comfort after being spurned or misunderstood by someone you loved:

Are you really crying in the cafeteria? Don't you have some private place where you can cry? Do you have some friends to talk to about this? Are you also suffering from the desire to get even?

Not better yet? While crying, talking to friends, and demonizing your lost love may help, Madame L suggests that it's really only the passage of time that will heal you of this pain. It's kind of like physical pain, which is lessened through the gradual healing process. In fact, recent scientific research has found that when the poets talk about the pain of love, they're not just rhapsodizing idiotically because that's their job as poets: In fact, the usually reliable "Psychology Today" has posted an article about this. Also, the researchers have thoughtfully published their results in a journal which allows open access to all articles, so you can read their original report.

Madame L apologizes for being able to answer why love sucks so much but not really being able to help you get over your lost love. She hopes you will indeed be able to find comfort, soon. She invites other readers to offer any suggestions that may help you.

Best wishes,

Madame L

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AskTheGeologist said...

I love Ghirardelli mint squares.
...and fresh Como bread...
...and banana-peel sandwiches...
...and banana pudding...
...and fruit-bat flambe...

Is that what this is all about?