Friday, April 22, 2011

Wedding of the Century

Dear Madame L,

Are you going to watch Will and Kate's wedding on April 29? Some people I work with say they're going to call in sick so they can watch it, and I've heard that other people will be staying up all night, getting up at 2 in the morning, and all kinds of crazy things so they can watch it. 

So I'm wondering,

What about you?

Dear Wondering,

Madame L has many more important things to do than change her schedule in order to watch some frou-frou wedding full of pomp and circumstance, involving a monarchy which some of her great American heroes died fighting, to free Americans from all that nonsense.

So Madame L will be DVR'ing the wedding.


Madame L


Ellen said...

My friends are leaving this weekend for London to spend 6 or 8 weeks heading up the BYU study abroad program, and they are pretty excited about being there for the wedding. Although I don't think they're exactly attending it. I'm guessing that they'll either watch it on tv or dvr it just like the rest of us. Oh, the thrills!!

AskTheGeologist said...

The Madame has provided an astute, evenly balanced reply to her questioner. "Render unto Caesar..." comes to mind...

Personally, I will spend the time remembering when I was courting Madame L and a much more interesting subsequent wedding...