Monday, April 18, 2011

Where's Your Crystal Ball?

Dear Madame L,

What do you believe are the chances that Obama will be re elected in 2012 considering the near government shut down, the troubles the government is having with determining a budget to prevent a government shut down, his claim that his budget would cut the deficit by half by the end of his term (which I think now is apparent is not going to happen), the things that he's told the people and then been exposed on, etc etc. Also, who do you think will be his republican opponent?


Newly registered to vote and worried about the outlook of things

Dear Voter,

Madame L sincerely wishes she had a political crystal ball. However, not being blessed in that way, nor being any good with tarot cards, palm reading, or any forms of necromancy, she is in the dark as to the political future of the U.S.

However, Madame L would like to request that you, and all her dear readers, do the following:

---Keep reading the newspaper every day. Okay, you can watch the news on TV or read the online news, too. But read the paper. You'll learn a lot more that way.

---No matter what your own political leanings are, check out the opinions of those on the "other side" of the political fence, at least once a week. This exercise is not only to help keep you informed, but mainly to help you learn to understand how different people can take exactly the same facts you have, and come to such bizarrely different opinions.

---Talk to friends who disagree with your opinions as well as those who hold the same opinions you do. As you talk, practice courtesy and restraint. As you listen, listen.

---Keep praying to God, begging Him to preserve and strengthen our nation. 

---Finally, Madame L congratulates you for registering and preparing to vote. Stay involved, maybe even find a community group where you can volunteer, make friends, and broaden your circle of contacts.

Best wishes,

Madame L


AskTheGeologist said...

DANG. Madame L said it the best way - yet again.

THAT said, if I were a bettin' man, I'd lay 8:1 that Obama will be re-elected. Why? Because the Republican field is full of fringe-types, hypocrites ("Family Man" Newt Gingrich) and illiterates (people who apparently can't read a formally-released birth certificate and newspaper birth announcements), people who don't feel that Christ really, actually said we should help the poor and the sick... and one Mormon.

The Mormon doesn't stand a chance because... he's a Mormon. We all know why he doesn't stand a chance: the same reason my kids weren't allowed to play in a neighborhood gang when they were little ("because you aren't Christians!").

I wish I could be more positive.

AskTheGeologist said...

Will Rogers once said that people take comedians seriously because they don't trust politicians, or something along that line. This suggests to me that the problem of lying politicians isn't anything new (duh!). The problem is that there are certain "news" media out there that propagate lies told by politicians if it serves their agenda. The example that comes to mind was Sen. John Kyl of Arizona, who said that 90% of Planned Parenthood's budget goes towards abortions. That was so overboard untrue that a video of the statement and an assistant saying that it "wasn't intended as a factual statement" has gone viral... and SOMEHOW it has been scrubbed from the Congressional Record. Even though there are many video copies out there. And politicians seem hurt and wonder why people place them on the same level as used-car salesmen!

I'm hoping Madame L, the Galactic Coordinator for finding the truth on the internet, will reveal some of her fact-checking web-sites.

So, Madame L... Willing to give up some of your secret sources of truthiness for your audience?