Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pants on Fire # 1: Obama Wants Your Guns

It's true that Pres. Obama has, in his almost four years in office, signed two bills regarding gun ownership and use. One permits people to carry loaded guns in National Parks, and the other permits people to pack loaded guns in their luggage on Amtrak.

Now, Dear Readers, if that doesn't scare you, Madame L doesn't know what will. 

Here's a quote from the Fact Check page which gives "the numbers" about every aspect of Barack Obama's presidency:  
"Gun sales have boomed under Obama, who did not deliver on campaign pledges to restore the “Assault Weapons Ban” that expired in 2004 or to require background checks for guns sold by non-dealers at gun shows. Reliable statistics on total sales don’t exist, but U.S. makers of firearms do report figures on new weapons produced each year.

"Production of new handguns — revolvers and automatic pistols — topped 3 million last year, an increase of 68 percent over 2008. One factor behind the surge may be a series of groundless rumors that the administration is moving to ban guns. Another factor may be a fear among gun fanciers, fanned by the National Rifle Association, of what Obama might do if reelected."

Conclusion: Not only does Pres. Obama NOT want to take away your guns or make it harder for you to buy guns in the future, but the pants of the people who say he's doing any of that are on fire.

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AskTheGeologist said...

Oh great. This means I can be on an AMTRAK now, and someone playing loud boom-box music while others are trying to sleep will lead to a gun-fight on a moving train.

I feel SO much safer now.