Friday, October 26, 2012

What the U.S. Senate Could Look Like...

...and what it could mean for women:

Dear Readers,

Please consider this: What if it were your own sister, daughter, niece, friend, who conceived as a result of a rape. You're completely against abortion, but you compassionately consider why this woman would not want to bear the child of a rapist, so you think this is an exception you could support.

Now: It's 2013, and a new Senate is seated. This is who 15 of its members would be, if they're elected (or in some cases re-elected), 15 people (including two women), who oppose abortion for women who have been raped. So, even if YOU agreed with your sister/daughter/niece/friend's decision, and her doctor and family agreed, it wouldn't matter, because the federal government, the Senate, would have made laws allowing these mostly male politicians to make this and many other personal health decisions for all of us.

Please note that at least one of these (Paul Rand) considers himself a libertarian and rants against government interference in people's lives...except when they're women, in which case he wants to dictate to them the most personal health decisions. 

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