Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pants on Fire # 5: Somebody Won the VP Debate

The Lie: Joe Biden won the debate by his ridiculous and rude smiles and head-shakes and arm-waves and so on. 

Another Lie: Paul Ryan won the debate on substance.   

The Truth: Joe Biden won on substance. If Paul Ryan had won, the Republicans wouldn't be making such a big deal about Joe Biden's antics. As one commentator said, "You don't go on whining about your opponent's facial expressions if you think you won."

Joe Biden was just being himself, as Pres. Obama told him to do and everybody who has ever seen him in public before recognized immediately. But Biden also had the substance, the facts, behind him. 

Another Truth, or Question:  Who cares who won this debate? If you're a Democrat, you'll think Biden won; if you're a Republican, you'll think Ryan won. 

Does this remind anyone besides Madame L of high school debates? 

Come on, everybody, let's get real. The vice presidential debate is not going to make much difference for undecided voters --- unless you care about who will be a heartbeat away from the president, in which case you'll vote Obama-Biden, because you don't want a war-mongering, math-deficient, women-despising, posturing (did you see the video of Ryan with his baseball cap on backwards posing while he did his workout? --- Eeeeww!) ultra-right-wing dweeb in the White House.

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