Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pants on Fire # 22: Romney the Moderate

The Lie: Mitt Romney is essentially a moderate, as he has proven as governor of Massachusetts and whenever he has been allowed to speak freely. The Republican Party is now letting him unleash his moderate self, realizing that the conservative baloney he was preaching to the die-hard converted Tea Partiers the Republicans now embrace won't sit well with the rest of the country. If he's elected, he will turn away from the anti-women, anti-minority, anti-Middle Class views he was forced to pay lip service to.

The Truth: No one knows what Mitt Romney really believes, except that he wants to be President of the United States. He has changed positions on every issue so frequently that he is responsible for the great new word "whip-flop."

In fact, though, if he is elected, Mitt Romney would be stuck with the super-conservatives who have funded his campaign and lent their experience to his campaign. 

As Steve Kornacki writes in Salon.com, "If Romney wins in two weeks, Republicans may well find themselves with complete control of Washington again. And they will have achieved it by doing nothing but opposing, attacking and obstructing Obama." And the result of that will be continued obfuscation and obstruction. It wouldn't just be a matter of partisanship, but it would be a matter of bullies taking over the classroom and kicking the teacher out. 

It would be a disaster for America.

Vote for Pres. Obama!

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