Friday, October 12, 2012

Say It Ain't So, Lance

Dear Readers,

Madame L, who wrote a couple of months ago that Lance Armstrong must not be guilty of doping, is reading now that the USADA has compiled thousands of pages of testimony from teammates and other people which seem to substantiate that not only was Armstrong guilty but he was the leader of the doping.

Madame L apologizes to her Dear and Loyal Readers for being such a gullible and naive shmuck. She still hopes to be able to believe Armstrong.

CNN's blog notes that "Armstrong himself hasn't commented directly on the case. He posted to Twitter Wednesday night, however, saying he was 'hanging with my family, unaffected' and thinking about an upcoming event for his charity." Also, his lawyer is still calling the USADA's report a  "one-sided hatchet job" and a "government-funded witch hunt."

Madame L is glad to read, too, that Armstrong's legacy of fighting cancer and helping people who are fighting cancer will survive. From CNN:

   "'Our donations have increased to nearly double their usual amount since August,' said Katherine McLane, spokeswoman for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

   "'He's a person who helped change the perception of cancer survivors around the world. He's done an incredible amount of good for people affected by cancer and nothing can change that.'" 


Madame L


AskTheGeologist said...

"...gullible and naive schmuck..." seems a bit harsh.

Perhaps more accurate adjectives would be
- non-judgmental
- hopeful
- admires anyone who survives adversity
- unwilling to condemn


LFP said...

I was disappointed to read that too. I watched "Blood, Sweat and Gears," yesterday - a film about a team in 2008 that wanted to race the Tour de France completely dope-free to show that it CAN be done. Their main guy finished fourth overall, but got third after the original third-place winner was found to have doped.

No matter what, Lance is still a great athlete and has done great things for his LiveStrong stuff and cancer awareness/research etc. He still is enormously talented, and though it's a shame (if) he used performance-enhancement drugs, there're precious few other people who could do what he's done without the extra help.