Friday, October 5, 2012

Weird Phrase of the Week: Sweating Fingernails

Fortunately, Madame L had recorded Rachel Maddow's show on Thursday, October 4, so she could go back and listen again. 

Yes, sure enough, guest interviewee Dan Rather had really said that VP Joe Biden's "fingernails are beginning to sweat" as he prepares for next week's vice-presidential debate.

Madame L couldn't find the clip on YouTube, but when it shows up she'll find it and post it here.

Meanwhile, here's the clip from Rachel's own website.  (The "sweating fingernails" bit is around 4:54 on this clip.) 

Madame L was so intrigued by this idea that she checked online and could find no medical condition which causes people's fingernails to sweat. So kudos to Dan Rather for coming up with such an apt way to describe how nervous someone must be, preparing for a very important occasion.

Madame L also loved another statement by Dan Rather: "When preparation meets opportunity, that's what some people call luck."

If you keep watching, you'll see the Andrea Mitchell interview where Mitt Romney's national campaign co-chairman calls the President of  the United States lazy and stupid. Maybe your jaw will drop, as Madame L's did when she heard that.

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