Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pants on Fire # 20: Romney Understands Foreign Policy

The Lie: Gov. Romney's performance in the Monday night (Oct. 22) debate showed that he has a firm grasp of foreign policy and would be a good Commander-in-Chief.     

The Truth: Gov. Romney's performance in that debate was a combination of having crammed for a social studies test and going into a clinch with the President (Madame L loved the Rev. Al Sharpton's boxing analogy) to keep Pres. Obama from landing any blows.

When Gov. Romney blathered on and on at the Republican National Convention about attacking Syria and Iran and increasing forces elsewhere in the world is more likely the course he would take if elected. 

Obviously his handlers let him act more moderate in this debate so he could appeal to whatever mythical "moderate undecided voters" are supposedly left in the country.

And all that talk about how we need "leadership"---as if that were a word Gov. Romney understood or had any idea of how to put into practice---what a joke! His idea of leading in world affairs seems to be, as Jon Stewart said, to tell people to "Follow me, and I'll follow the President!"

Dear Readers, if you have not voted yet, please vote, and please vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who know what's really going on in the world and are true leaders.

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