Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pants on Fire # 19: The Archie Bunker Chorus

The Lies: The dog-whistle chorus to the haters and fact-challenged so-called undecided voters of America is going to help elect Mitt Romney.

The Truth: We're past this. They can keep blowing the whistle, but nobody is listening any more.

The Republican Party's chorus of crazy people, clowns, and liars are not making a difference. Archie Bunker doesn't live here any more---unless you're counting "shuck-and-jive" Palin, "show me your papers" Trump, "food-stamp" Gingrich, "not-a-real-American" Sununu, "retard" Coulter, "racist" Glenn Beck, "out-at-any-cost" McConnell, "welfare-state" Ryan, or "47-per-cent" Romney.

We don't believe the lies, and we are not racists. 

We know what a real Communist is, and we know that Barack Obama is not one. 

We know what socialism is, and, frankly, we're glad for the socialist programs some of us enjoy (yes, Madame L is talking about the safety net programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid). We know that unions have brought job safety and worker protections to millions of Americans from steel workers to postal workers and teachers and firefighters and police officers. We know that taxes must be raised while spending is cut in order to reduce our deficit.

We know who has helped workers, bailed out the auto industry, gotten us out of a shameful war and started to get us out of another one, killed the real 9-11 terrorists, and given real support to working people.

We judge by actions, not words.

We can see for ourselves, past the lies and posturings of the Republican Party in stump speeches, to see by what they have actually done and what they propose to do, who they are. 

And we're not voting for them. 

We're not going back to the Bush years of lies and economic waste and handouts to the rich and war-mongering around the world. No. We're not going there.

Dear Readers,

If you haven't voted yet, make sure you do. Even if you're not in a swing state, even if nobody seems to care about your vote, vote. Vote for Obama and Biden. Vote against the corrupt and lying fat-cats.

Show them you're not Archie Bunker.


Madame L

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